Our Story

Coming form a culture rich with hospitality, Where we were raised on welcoming and making sure that all we meet to leave with a smile and a joyful touch on them. We used to feel that, when the family used to get to gather, on Sundays in the mountains of Lebanon around the dinning table which was outside in the garden under the Pine trees. Grandparents, parents, cousins and siblings all get to gather for a traditional Sunday Feast. Knowing how that was unforgettable we decided to transform this experience to others, by introducing our authentic and home made meals. so we decided to bring Pine Mediterranean Cuisine to you.

Why Pine

Pine which is also known as the Cedars of Lebanon is the national tree of the country which is found almost all over the Mediterranean Sea. This tree, that has 70 different species, is well known to live for ages and been used for centuries that marked history with it from the ships of the Phoenicians that traveled the 7 seas to the Famous temple of King Solomon in Jerusalem. The name pine carries with it richness and strength. Pine is considered one of the most expensive nuts as well as the most precious flavor to food. The Mediterranean’s use the pine nuts to garnish their dishes with it as well as desserts.